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    YTD percentage

      Hi All,


      I am trying to calculate a year-to-date percentage, based on a number of value fields in my QV-model.


      I have 5 fields in my fact table T1WeightedTime through T5WeightedTime. In the below screenshot, you can see the export from my QlikView chart in the range A1:G5. The YTD values of T1 through T5 in B3:F5 are correct, so I would expect that, If I reuse these columns in my final column (col G in the below Excel sheet), the YTD percentage would be calculated correctly. However, that doesn't seem to be true: I have manually calculated the correct values in Excel in column H. For months 2 and 3 (and further if I'd show them as well, I suspect), the QlikView result does not match the manual result in Excel.


      I have checked the Full Accumulation option for T1 through T5, but not for my percentage column (this would give 194.66 % for month 2 and 293.89 % for month 3)


      I have no clue on how to resolve this issue.


      FYI; I have included the expressions for T1 through T5, and for the final column for the percentage.


      Any thoughts?


      Thanks and regards,