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    split qlikview application based on two attributes

    Milind Desai

      Hello Qlikview experts,


      I have a question regarding document splitting and distribution property in Qlikview. In my QV model, i have two attributes like - sender_region and receiver_region. These two columns point to two different (but similar) master tables in model.

      Now i want to split the application (on publisher) as per the region value irrespective of the sender or receiver region. For example, if user selects spited application with region as 'UK' then he should see all records with sender_region as 'UK' as well as records with receiver_region as 'UK'.


      Is there any method to do this in Qlikview? because as far as i know Qlikview publisher splits the application based only on single attribute value.


      Please let me know any more information is needed. Thanks