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    How can i organize my community tab in QlikSense

    ben lim

      Hi Everyone,


      i have a app in qliksense that is used by 100+ across 10 countries... the # of sheets in the community has ballooned from 10 to 70+ now. is getting too messy even though i have guided on some instructions such as having prefix (country code) on the sheet name. example for Mexico, is [MX], Netherlands , [NL]. but it is so messy and it is going to have 200 plus sheets soon. is there any solution this or create secondary folders in community tab?

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          Andy Weir

          Do you need seperate sheets per country or could you condense the view down and perhaps use section access to limit the users countries they can see?


          Or if they have to be seperate perhaps have separate apps for each country just to reduce the number of sheets the user is faced with and make it more managable.


          Finaly look at what the users are using the app for.  Are they consumers or analysts?  Perhaps they could be satifised with static country reports that could be generated from your app and distributed out to the users via nPrinting.