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    Google maps problem

    Sacha Lehmann

      Hello to everyone,


      first of all I want to say, that I read, I think, everything about the google map integration, the functoinallity is clear and I tried so many things to resolve my problem by my own, but i'm stuck in. Generally I got it working, but with limititations,...


      To the problem:


      Using Qlik 12.020100.0 SR2 64-bit Edition on a Windows 7 64bit System


      What is working is following:


      1. Loading data "inline":


      2. Give following output:


      3. Shows Table Structur like that:


      So I think I load my data from qvd and it works anyway,..:


      1. Load from qvd:


      2. And it seems here is anyway an error:


      Data is filled in, but calculating don't work and so the map dont'work

      3. Table structure looks like the "inline loading"



      I tried many things to get it working, but I can't figure it out, especially because the data seams to be the same,.. :-(


      Hope anyone have a tip for me,...


      Best regards



      19.01.2018 EDIT:


      Well, finally I can solve it on my own. Instead of using a .qvd file to load my data I used an .csv file. I can't understand the different by doing that, but I think it depends on some format or charset?! Anyway it works now for me, but if there anyone who could explain this, nice to hear it,.. ;-)