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    Pb with max in QVD local / server

      Hi everyone,


      I created a QVD with data sales  by month .

      I have used an attribute YearMonth to stock the month with format (YYYYMM , example 201105).


      After, I want to read my QVD to make incremental loading . Therefox i search a max(month) with this script




             max(anneemois) as MAXCRTTIME


          QVD\Data.qvd (qvd);


          Let MAXCRTTIME = date(Peek('MAXCRTTIME',0,'maxtimes'),'YYYYMM');


      In local , MAXCRTTIME contains 201105


      With a Server, MAXCRTTIME contains a number 40672,803 !


      Have you an idea to help me , please ?


      Thnanks for advance,


        • Pb with max in QVD local / server
          Deepak Kurup

          Strange... Check the server System Date and Time Setting and compare it with your local one.


          Also try this out.


          Let MAXCRTTIME =date(date#('MAXCRTTIME',0,'YYYYMM'),'YYYYMM');



          I hope this heps you out..



          Best of Luck..!!!




          • Pb with max in QVD local / server
            Patrick Laredo

            hi Pierrick,


            Firstly are you sure you are looking in the correct place or atthe right thing?


            You have recovered a field from your qvd file and called this MAXCRTTIME. You then have created a variable with the same name MAXCRTTIME.


            You now have one field and one variable. The same name but two different elements in your qvw.


            If you open a list box and display the field you will see 40672,803 which looks like a timestamp displayed as a number, if displayed as a timestamp this would show 2011/05/09 19:16:19.


            If you create a text box and put inside it =MAXCRTTIME (this is the variable) you will see 201105.


            Maybe this is your problem, in which case you don't have one.



            I thought there may be an issue of different settings between the server and your workstation but can't see one.


            Hope this helps