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    Mashup - qlik.resize() not working

    David Tomlins

      Hi Everyone,


      I am fairly new to this, so apologies if I am way off the mark..


      I am using Show() and Hide() to dynamically change the content of my mashup, and two graphs start off hidden and then need to be shown when further detail is required.


      However these graphs are not showing, and i understand from looking around that a qlik.resize() function needs to be called in the call back of the show.


      I have scripted the following:




           $("#Detail").hide();                                         //hide detail


           $("#SummaryButton").click(function(){           //on clicking next button hide Summary info and show detail info



                     $("#Detail").show(1000, function() {






          $("#DetailButton").click(function(){                      //on clicking back button hide detail info and return to summary info








      And when I click the detail button: I get the following error:





      Could someone point me in the right direction please?


      Thanks in advance David