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    how to bring data seperately?

    Diwas Karki

      I have a straight table and a list box. Data in the straight table is displayed according to the filter in the list box. Below is a snapshot.


      dsa report image.pngAs you can see in the Master DSA List straight table, I have multiple DSAs in the same row.

      This is my script to bring in the DSA.


      TextBetween(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(ATTRIBUTES, chr(10), ''), ' ', ''), '<String>', ''), '</String>', ','), '<entrykey="SFGROUPOWNER"><value><List>', '</List>') As MAGroupOwners,


      MAGroupOwners is renamed as DSA.


      What can I do in the script to bring each MAGroupOwners separately in each row? Also, how can I do the same thing in the straight chart? I would really appreciate the help.