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    How to trigger tasks using the QRS API based on tags

    Paul Schmidt

      We have a multi-tenanted environment and need to start customer tasks on a daily basis. By way of an example, we have 33 customers that each have their own reload task. The data is extracted from a customer's onsite source on a daily basis and loaded into a multi-tenanted Data Warehouse.


      The Qlik Sense tasks run based on a daily schedule at 8 am each morning, this is not ideal as the Qlik Sense tasks do not know when the Data Warehouse has finished loading. Ideally, I would like to trigger each task via the QRS API once the DWH has completed.


      Each customer reload task has been a tagged with the source system the data relates to, for example, the 33 customers have a tag of "HPOS" against each reload task.


      I would like to be able to use the QRS API to do two things:


      1. Filter a list of reload tasks based on a tag, in the above example "HPOS".

      2. Start the reload tasks based on the filtered list.


      Any suggestions are welcome.