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    QlikSense 3.2 to November 2017 via clean installation

    Kashif Ansari

      Hi All,


      We are currently on QlikSense 3.2.4. We plan to upgrade to November 2017. But I want to try out a different path rather than the normal upgrade.


      As part of our learning and research, we have landed up creating too many Security rules and it is difficult to delete the unwanted ones without being sure no impact to users.


      What we wanted to attempt is take a backup of Apps and QVD files. Uninstall QlikSense 3.2 and then do a fresh installation of Nov 2017 so that we get fresh set of original security rules.


      We then plan to restore the apps and QVD files. We are ok with re-creating the Connections.


      We plan to add the users to an LDAP group and then run a UDC synch to get the users created. We will add the Custom properties manually for users.


      Is it possible to get the apps published back by copying them to the Apps folder?