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    parsing columns

    Ali Hijazi


      got a table as shown in the attached excel file

      there is a column called extra: it contains the possible options for a drop down list

      can Qlik parse this via a wizard or I need to use string functions to get the required data?

      for example in the attached excel, the first line corresponds to Domain data family and the answer is 6 and 6 corresponds to Financial Transaction

      the possible values are saved in the column named extra

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          Marcus Sommer

          I think it could be done with rather simple string-operations like:


          = subfield(


                 mid(extra, index(extra, answer & '|')),

               chr(10) , 1),

              '|', 2)


          - Marcus

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              Ali Hijazi

              you know I was looking for the n value in chr(n)

              in qlik sense values appear on one line, when I export values to excel every line displays on new line so the delimiter turned out to be chr(10)

              and this solved my issue

              I will mark your answer as correct to close the discussion