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    Drill Down | Show next level of hierarchy

    Thomas Karner



      I´ve a given company structure as unbalanced tree:

      The speciality is, that I´ve precalculated values for each node. This means there should be NO aggregation (e.g. sum) from the sub-level.


      Given this, the requirements in the Qlik Sense app are:

      a) It should be possible to drill-down from level to level

      b) Only the next sub-level based on the current selection should be displayed

      c) Only the values available for the elements of the next sub-level should be summarized, without summing up values from the lower levels


      I could achieve this in a QlikView app by the help of the hierarchy in a list box. If I select a single node in this list box, I get the values for the next lower level.

      I tried the same in Qlik Sense (with same data model) by the help of a drill-down master element, but failed because the behaviour of drill-down is different than of a hierarchy list box in QlikView.


      How can I achieve this in Qlik Sense?


      See sample apps in QS and QV!


      Thanks for your help in advance,