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    Import app using QRS API

    Kshitij Wahi

      I am trying to import an app using QRS API in a .Net application.

      I am using the following URL for Import:




      I am passing the following body:


      string data = "[{\"name\":\"MyApp.qvf\"}]";


      I am using the following headers:


      request.Headers.Add("X-Qlik-Xrfkey", Xrfkey);

      request.Headers.Add("X-Qlik-User", @"UserDirectory=somedirectory;UserId=someuser");

      request.ContentType = "application/json";


      I am getting a 400 bad request error response from the server

      Also in addition to name of the app I would like to pass the path where the QVF file is present


      Thanks in advance