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    User or certificate X509N:<S>CN=QlikClient generates authentification error

    Bart Heijne



      I have Qlik Sense installed and everything works fine. I installed the november 2017 release.


      Within my Windows event viewer I keep getting a message every x hours.

      It looks like a Qlik Sense service tries to authenticate user 'Qlikclient' (which I don't use myself) and which does not succeed.


      I don't use Kerberos (unchecked in the QMC).


      In folder C:\programdata\Qlik\Repository\Exported Certificates\.Local Certificated I tried to delete all *.pem files. It looks like this client.pem has something to do with it. But when I delete these files and restart all services, these files are regenerated again and used.


      What can I do to prevent the system generating these errors?


      Thanks for help,


      2018-01-16 13_59_36-QlikSense (002).png