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    Joining loaded tables won't work

    Max Beer

      I am trying to get multiple tables to be associated to each other over the included date.

      Therefore I decided to create a relation-table including the load date and the keys of each tuple.

      To be able to create this table from previously loaded tables I had to join all the KPI-tables into one big one, from which I could pull the keys with a resident load. Here's where my problem starts:




          load basickpi.Date as Date, *

          resident basickpi;




          left join(relKPI0)

          load aUser.Date as Date, *

          Resident aUser;

          drop table relKPI0;




          left join([relKPI1])

          load dUser.Date as Date, *

          Resident [dUser];


          drop Table [relKPI1];


      The execution stops with the error message "Table 'relKPI1' not found: [relKPI2]: left join([relKPI1]) load"

      Why doesn't it find the previously created table?