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    Total Amount consist of amounts from another tables

    beck bakytbek

      Hi Folks,


      i have a situation: i have 3 Tables: Project, Contract and Order, all these tables have the column: Amount.


      for instance:


      Project: 9001 has 100, this amount consists of amounts from table: Contract (20, 70, 10) and these amounts consist of amounts: 5, 5, 10, 70, 10 from the table: Order and i want to show, that Project: 9001 consists of 3 ContractNr, and these 3 ContractNrs consist of 5 OrderNrs


      As you see all these tables have amounts that flow into amount 100 in the table Project, my question is, how to handle this situation (what is the best way) in script and whithin in Pivot-Table, in Pivot-Table i want to show that 100 consist of small amounts from another tables. (see screenshot).


      Thanks a lot