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    BUG(?): Multi box at AJAX drawn downwards

    Dror Svartzman



      Following Client & Server upgrade to 10 SR2, we're experiencing a problem with how Multi box are rendered when they are located in close proximity to Screen border.


      Windows Client:When I select a value in Multibox, that located close to the edge of the screen, Qlikview will properly start drawing the list of values from top of the screen.

      In the example below i've selected Season in the Multi box control

      Multibox rendering upwords - Windows client.bmp


      AJAX: AJAX will start drawing the value list, not from the top of the screen, but from the upper border of the selected items. If you have a long list and the object is located close to the button of the visible screen, you'll get a very short list.


      Multibox rendering downwords - AJAX.bmp


      Is this a bug, or it's by design behavior?



      Appericate your help