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    Dimensional Expression issue in Color Properties

    vidya sagar malla

      Hello Everyone,


      Hope you are doing great. I am trying to create a PIE chart from the below expressions.


      Dimension Expression:

      =if(aggr(rank(sum([Total AUM])),[Product ID])<= 5,'Top 5 Products',

      if(aggr(rank(sum([Total AUM])),[Product ID])> 5 and aggr(rank(sum([Total AUM])),[Product ID])<= 10,'Top 5 to 10 Products','The Rest'))


      Measure Expression:

      sum([Total AUM])


      But the issue is with the color by dimension. By default whole PIE chart is showing in GRAY color.


      Is there any way that I can choose my interest in color for dimension expression. For Exp 'Top 5 Product = Blue', 'Top 5 to 10 Products=lightblue and 'The Rest = LightGray'.

      Thanks in Advance!!