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    Finding the related expression in a straight table

    ar eiuiew

      I am facing a very strange issue here, I am trying to modify an app that's been developed by someone else that I have no access to.

      We have a straight table, with some columns that have different calculation methods for different rows as below:


      ClassCountryExpression1Expression2Expression 3Expression 4



      For every row, I see appropriate results. but when I am going to expression tab of the straight table I can't find the calculation formula for all the rows.


      I was actully expecting to see something like: 

      for exp1
      If(class=A, someformula, if(class=B, someformula), if(class=c, someformula) )


      but I only see If(class=A, someformula, if(class=B, someformula))

      and I can't find related expression for class=c yet the result in the table is correct!

      Same story happens for all the other columns (expression 2 , 3 , 4 ..)

      So where do you think this expression is hidden?


      P.S. This is a pretty big app and there are lots of objects and tabs and buttons and actions developed.