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    DATEV Connection

      Hi everyone,


      has anyone ever connected directly to a DATEV-System?


      Help is appreciated.




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          Edgar Kech

          Hi Sabine,

          have you managed to connect to your DATEV-Data?

          If yes:

          Supposed that DATEV is somehow based on a SQL-Server (as stated in http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DATEV) - is it specially secured? (how?)

          Can you tell me anything about the underlying datamodel?




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              Hi Edgar,

              sorry for the late answer.

              Yes, DATEV is based in an MSSQL-Server but DATEV does not allow any connection except their own programm.

              I am still working on it.



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                  Stefan Wühl

                  Last year, we tried to win a project related to connecting a financial service supplier (credit bank) with DATEV.

                  We did this in cooperation with Qliktech, and as far as I remember, they claimed to have something like a DATEV connector (or the knowledge to do so). Unfortunately, we haven't won the project, so I don't have any personal experience with connecting to DATEV.


                  But it may be worth contacting Qliktech and ask for a way to connect to DATEV. There is also a show case (ADI Gmbh), that also reference a connection to DATEV.



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                      Edgar Kech


                      And why do you SPAM this thread with questions which don't have anything to do with THIS topic?



                      thanks for the hint.



                      still working on it, too :-)

                      I think the problem is that you probably don't have a working superuser for the SQL-Server (or at least not his password).

                      There seems to be a way to get this problem solved according to this http://www.tutorials.de/relationale-datenbanksysteme/348871-mssql-datev-datenbanklogin.html - unfortunately I have to wait for our IT guy to give it a try...




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                          Nice try, but hacking the DATEV-DB can not be the solution.

                          You will definitely loose your support and I do not want to know what effect this might have when you will be audited.

                          I want the solution for my customers so if that works or not I would never recommend to do so.

                          The only chance is to work together with DATEV and persuade them to publish a user with reading capabilities.


                          Regards Sabine