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    How to configure custom Admin role: access to QMC License and Tokens ONLY

    Radoslaw Blazejczyk



      I am trying to create custom Admin Role that will allow user to mange licenses ( so user will b eable to manage licenses only) in QMC. So in other words I have to define a filter that will allow usres access to License and Tokens only and allow ho to assign or reassign licenses.


      I tried to set up a Security Rule with filter: License_*,QmcSection_License*, in this way I can allow user to see License and Tokens tab but there are no information visible inside ex like license usage etc. However when accessing License and tokens in normal way ( Rooot Admin role) I see current licenses usage.


      Could you please help me in that matter, how I can can set it up,  what will be th best way for that?


      Thank you in advance.