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    Variable in Set Analysis

    Josh Pinfold

      Hi Guys,


      I have a variable which returns a SubSubCategory that has shown the greatest percentage increase from last week. How can i use the results of this (a text string) in a set analysis.


      The variable expression is;




           SubSubCategory, -aggr(

                (count({<Feedback_Day_Start={"<=$(=date(max(Feedback_Day_Start)))>=$(=date(max(Feedback_Day_Start)-6))"}>}[Insight           Sentiment])


                count({<Feedback_Day_Start={"<=$(=date(max(Feedback_Day_Start)-7))>=$(=date(max(Feedback_Day_Start)-13))"}>}[Insight      Sentiment]))-1,



      I thought I could use the variable as follows;


      count({<SubSubCategory={'=$(vMaxCategory%Change)'}>} [Insight Sentiment])