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    Intergration Voice Recognition using DialogFlow with Qlik Sense

    Stijn Valkenburg

      Hi all,


      For a project we are trying to integrate DialogFlow with Qlik Sense. The idea is that for example Filters on a Qlik Sense Dashboard can be placed using your voice. In this case, while the dashboard is already loaded someone says 'Please show me the Sales for 2016', and the Qlik Dashboard will then place the filters to display this information.


      I know that similar projects have been conducted, but we are finding it difficult to find the right integration. DialogFlow works using JSON and we are looking for a way to integrate.


      The main questions:

      1. Would the best idea be to create mashup?

      2. What API do we need to use?

      3. Can we also perform this filtering in the Qlik Sense Hub, so without creating a different webpage.


      Thanks in advance!