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    error 300: ... ScanFile: ... error during open of <filename>

    Helmut Melcher

      In the event log of the QV server, we get many error 300 of the following form:


      300    Error    QVGeneral: Server - ScanFile: An error (Die Syntax für den Dateinamen, Verzeichnisnamen oder die Datenträgerbezeichnung ist falsch.) occured during open of <filename>


      Instead of <filename> one of 12 files in subfolders of the ducuments folder of the server are given.


      The paths to those files are longer than 256 characters. I assume, that is the problem (the german error text means: 'syntax of the file name, folder name or disk name is wrong').


      We do not want to restructure the folder hierarchy. But since the files with the problems are archived copies of previously used cockpits, it is not necessary that the server scans them.


      Is it possible to tell the server to scan only up to a certain folder hierarchy level?


      Or is it possible to tell the server to omit certain folders from scanning? Or to limit the scan to certain folders?


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      (QV server version: 12.0.20400.0)

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          Peter Cammaert

          No, you cannot tell the QVS service to scan only up to a certain folder hierarchy level.


          One rule: QVS will scan the base folder and all subfolders of

          • the Document root
          • any Mounted Folders you configure in QMC


          This means that if you put archived copies of QVW documents in a subfolder of your Document Root, by default they will still appear somehow in your AccessPoint.


          Only one exception: Mounted Folders (including their subfolders) can be made non-browsable, which is especially useful if you don't have a Publisher license (i.e. no separate "Source Folders") and your QVW documents rely on QVD Generators (other QVW documents that shoudn't be visible to end-users) for their reloads.


          You *could* mess a bit with NTFS rights to make archived copies or entire folders "invisible" to all (if you're not using an EE-server in DMS mode), but I think you should first ask yourself whether Backups (or anything else that is not in use) really belong in a production/live environment?

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              Helmut Melcher

              Peter, thanks for your answer.


              It is helpful to know the options.


              (The document folders are structured similarly to the company. Each department has its folder. In the folders are their live cockpits. These cockpits have the respective data restrictions and file and folder permissions. And in sub folders, the users have the data that they use together with their cockpits - and there, additionally, they store cockpits in a state that could be important to have in the future, e.g. for comparison. They open these cockpit backups using the desktop client. These backups generate the problems, because the paths are long.


              We could easily separate the live cockpits from the other data. But then, we would have to set up a parallel folder hierarchy with exactly duplicated folder permissions. It might be, that we choose this solution.


              Of cause I would prefer to teach CVS to deal with long file paths, but since I have no hope in that direction, I have not posed this question.)