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    How to filter a Nprinting Report for a Dimension when combinations with some months bring no data?

    Leandro Job Neto

      Hi all.

      Let's try explain my issue.


      I have a qlikview dinamic table chart, with this setup:

      • Dimensions: Code Supervisor, Salesman, Month, Product.
      • Expressions: Goal, Total Value, %

      Supervisor and Salesman are normal dimensions. Product and Month are transposed columns (about 15 new columns for each month)

      I have a NPrinting report too, wich should be generated on that chart, where each supervisor needs receive only their Salesmans.

      The recipients are the supervisors, and filters was created for each one with their codes (Code Supervisor on chart).

      This report have a filter on it, called "Date Process" where is set 2 fields: Year = {2017} and Month = [no value]

      This table looks very extense in width (about 540 columns) and then i have on the NPrinting excel report each month separated per tab.



      So far, so good.

      When i run the NPrinting task, i have this scenario:

      • Recipients with filters of code supervisor
      • Report with 1 filter "Date Process"




      For those supervisors who have Sales every month, the report was generated as expected, but for those where have lack of data for some months, the report is generated for all Salesman, because the set of applied filters brings "no data" and then all filters are cleared.

      I thinked in one workaround. Make one chart for each month in set analysis, but i don't think this is an elegant solution.

      Someone see another solution?