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    Qlik Sense Desktop Microsoft SQL Server Connection Failure

    Greg Debbe

      I am new to Qlik and only have the free version.  Support will not help me at all and has directed me to the community.  As a potential buyer of this software I am initially finding this to be a red flag for making a purchase.


      I am trying to connect to a SQL server with the Microsoft SQL Server connection.  Below are screen shots of the setup filled in with generic property values along with a meaningless error message. I have tried pretty much every possible combination of server credentials I know.  I have used server name, ip addresses, local sql user credentials, windows user credentials, etc...  I know the credentials are valid but no matter what I try entering, the same exact error message is the result. 


      Clicking on the question mark in the upper right hand corner takes you to the link directly below which really offers no help whatsoever.  I doesn't even follow along with the actual wording as the connection setup.




      I have searched the community and found a few discussions that are similar in nature but none have been helpful to get to a solution.  Can anyone offer some advice on getting the SQL server connection working.


      Qlik Setup1.PNG

      Qlik Setup2.PNG




      Qlik Error.PNG