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    Problem if QlikView 8.5

      Hi everyone


      Has anyone had the problem of the QlikView stop  work?


      my qvw read from an Excel file



      There is the possibility of an update of the OFFICE be harming the application?


      The big question is that, the same file runs on other machines.


      I have windows xp service pack 3

      Best regards

        • Problem if QlikView 8.5

          Hi ,


          In Office 2003 , excel extension is .xls and in Office 2008 ecel extension is .xlsx.

          Just have a look into the script again, if this is a case.



          • Problem if QlikView 8.5
            Erich Shiino

            I you application or server had a problem, we could check the log.

            I don't think a new version of Office could generate a problem, unless you save the file  in a different format ( .xlsx instead of a .xls). In this case, you need to rewrite part of your script.

            QlikView can read Excel files even if Office is not installed on the machines.




            For the document log, on QV Desktop go to Settings -> Document Properties -> General Tab - > check the 'generate log file' box


               After reload, a file with the same name of the qvw will be generate in the same folder as the qvw with the extension QVW



            so if you have the qvw:





            the log file will be:





            Sometimes windows will just hide the extension and change the icon to a text file icon, just look for something like this.


            Hope it helps,