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    Linktable Nightmares...

    Ian Cornish



      I am struggling with Multiple Facts in the traditional Sales/Orders/Budget type model.


      I have my tables of Orders & Sales with psuedo-key of Day, Product, Currency, Country & Customer (Key_Fact_Sales)

      I have my Budget table, which is month, with pseudo key of Month, Product, Currency & COuntry. (Key_Fact_Budget)

      These are concatenated into a link table.

      I have separate dimension tables for Time (Time has Day, Month, Year etc), Product, Customer, Country & Currency.


      Sales + Orders works fine.

      However, when I add in Budget to the table, no data is returned - I think this is because of the different Key in the link table.


      How best to resolve this?

      I have thought of adding Key_Fact_Budget keys to the Sales/Orders tables, but this would imply that when I look at YTD performance vs annual budget, the budget calcs would only consider those periods where there are corresponding Sales.


      Any suggestions