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    Not all data being collected from source

      Hi Guys,


      I am new to qlikview and need some help troubleshooting a problem...


      I have two reports that access a table in SQL server that have been running fine since the reports were built by a collegue 6months ago. But all of a sudden the reports get to about 2,700,000 records and stops with no explanation. There are approx 2,800,000 records in the table.


      What I have noticed is that the the load stops after 2 minutes of elapsed time. I have enabled some logging and each time i run the report I getthe end of the log file gets to here and stops.


      26/05/2011 10:20:55: 0082     

      26/05/2011 10:20:55: 0083      if( Action = 'Pause' AND PauseReason = '',Duration,null() ) AS SystemPauseDur,

      26/05/2011 10:20:55: 0084        

      26/05/2011 10:20:55: 0085      Activator

      26/05/2011 10:20:55: 0086  SQL SELECT *

      26/05/2011 10:20:55: 0087  FROM CCDB_02.dbo.AgentTracking

      26/05/2011 10:20:56:        58 fields found: AgentTrackingTblID, CallID, AgentTrackingCallID, AgentTrackingAgentID, AgentTrackingAgentIDGroup, FirstSkill, AgentAction, AgentTrackingCalledExtension, AgentTrackingCalledName, AgentActionStartTime, CallDate, CallHour, CallMinute, AgentTrackingStartTime, AgentTrackingEndTime, AgentActionStopTime, AgentActionDuration, DurationFormat, RequestedDuration, PauseType, TimeDurNow, FloorNow, FloorStart, CallTime, LunchDur, KeyingDur, PersonalBreakDur, MeetingDur, OneToOneDur, TeaBreakDur, QuotePreparationDur, BackOfficeAdminTRDur, AccountsDur, SalesSupportMiscDur, WebQueryDur, TrainingDur, TeamLeaderRequestDur, SalesSupportReportDur, TeamManagerRequestDur, AdminTeamReportsDur, FrontOfficeAdminDur, BackOfficeAdminDur, LogonDur, InactiveDur, ActiveDur, WrapupDur, PauseDur, RingingDur, OnHoldDur, BusyDur, AlertingDur, DialingDur, HookOffInternalDur, HookOffExternalDur, KnockingDur, TransferingDur, SystemPauseDur,


      My thought is that the connection to the DB is timing out so I have put a Connec Timeout = 600 but it is still failing at 2,700,000 records.


      Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be going wrong.


      Thanks in advance.