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    NPrinting 16 and Qlikview/Qliksense

    Tim Saddler

      Hi all

      I have installs of both Qlikview 11.2 and Qliksense.

      Currently we email a small number of Qlikview based reports via NPrinting 16.

      Can i develop NPrinting solutions from qvf files as well still using this 1 Server?

      Or do i need to create another NPrinting instance for Qliksense.


      Any advice gratefully received.

        • Re: NPrinting 16 and Qlikview/Qliksense

          Hi Tim,


          You can develope the Nprinting reports by using qvf files and .qvw files.

          But you have to deploy qlikview and qliksense on different servers and then you can generates the reports by using

          Qlik Nprinting as per your requirements.


          Best regards,

          Ranjit Kakade.

          • Re: NPrinting 16 and Qlikview/Qliksense
            Ruggero Piccoli

            Qlik NPrinting 16 is not compatible with Qlik Sense.


            To connect to a Qlik Sense Server you must use Qlik NPrinting 17.


            Best Regards,



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