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    Help: How to do a weighed Scatter Plot in NPrinting PixelPerfect with labels as CompanyName?

    John Blomqvist



      How do you create a weighed Scatter Plot in Pixel Perfect?


      In Qlik I have a scatter plot with 1 Dimension and 3 measures, 3rd setting the bubble size.


      In PixelPerfect:


      1) I chose the Point chart option

      2) Added only Series 1 (removed Series 2)

      3) In Data >> Series Binding >> Arguenment I entered Sales field

      4) In Value in the same tab as above I entered Orders as a field

      5) Click finish


      I am not sure if this is the way to do it.


      I need to see the CompanyName values as the value point labels.


      Can anybody advice please?


      Also I want to add the weighing which is the 3rd measure in a QlikView scatter plot.