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    Control/handle connection errors

    omar bensalem

      Hi folks,


      The title's question is maybe not that clear, but I'll try to explain what I'm willing to achieve:



      I'm using Qlik REST Connector to retrieve some data.



      The web services team have developed 2 web services that have the same data.

      WS1: URL1

      WS2 : URL2

      This approach of building the same WS in 2 different servers (dev and int) was due to some deployment issues..

      I mean sometimes, when I try to connect to URL1 , I can't access to it, so I immediately change my Qlik Rest connector URL to URL2..

      (all of this is temporary till the building of a stable WS in the prd environment)


      So, for test reasons, while I'm on my qlik sense DESKTOP, I can handle this manually..

      I reload data = > have errors => Solution: change the URL


      BUT, I can't do this if I deploy my application in the qlik sense ENTREPRISE.


      Solution I'm seeking for:

      So, basically, what I'm looking to do/ask for:

      Is there wa way to control/handle how Qlik responds to connection errors?

      I mean, instead of interrupting the data reloading process; I want to build sthing like this:


      if CONNECTION to the WS through URL1 fails => CONNECT to the WS using URL2 without interrupting the data loading process..


      Can this be done?

      If yes, how?


      I'm aware of the ErrorMode thing, but I'm not sure how to use it in my case.

      Any hint/help?