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    KPI value not changing having set analysis in it

    Prashant Sancheti

      Hi Team,


      I want to count the strategy but ignoring the strategy if values in variable vSales is zero.



      I have written following expression in KPI Object:


      count(distinct([Strategy.])) - count({<[Strategy.StrategyDescription] ={"=$(vSales)=0"} >} distinct [StrategyDescription])

      i have one bar chart where i have strategy as dimention and vSales as measure and we are hiding zero values.


      i have one filter as "vSelection" having different value as Q1,Q2,Q3;


      Based on this selection i am calculating vsales variable value i.e if ( $(vSelection)='Q1, 'X'if ( $(vSelection)='Q2, 'Y','Z'))

      But when i am comparing strategy count in KPI and chart are not matching if we change "vSelection" filter.

      could you please suggest solution asap