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    Trying to create an expression in a pivot table.

    Neena Bhattarai

      I currently have 4 Shipping periods: 0-24 hours, 24-48 hours, 48-72 hours, and 72+hours. I want to focus on the 72+. Some orders are usually done way ahead of shipment. So that means they are put under the 72+ hours category but technically they are not carryover orders and don't need to be labeled as orders that haven't been shipped yet. How can I distinguish the difference between these orders and orders that are actually "delayed" or "late" for shipment? I have a Ship By Date field that tells me when the order is supposed to go out. But how do I go about this? The CarryOver Dimension is currently calculated like this

      =if([CarryOver Days]<1,'0-24 hours',

      if([CarryOver Days]=1,'24-48 hours',

      if([CarryOver Days]=2,'48-72 hours',

      if([CarryOver Days]>2,'72+ hours'))))


      The Ship by date is an actual date field. If an order has a Ship By Date that means it technically is not a CarryOver order. This will help the mangers in the warehouse to see what is truly is a delayed shipment and what orders does not need to be shipped out till a later date.