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    pls check the expression for range



      Can anyone check this expression and say me where i had done mistake in  this.


      =if(GetCurrentField(bc)={">=$(bcVar1)<=$(bcVar2)"} ,'Pass', 'Fail')


      I am having a barchart along with slider, the above expression variable are min and max of the slider position.    Which is inrange that should get "Pass"  otherwise "Fail"


      Actual requirement is, in my file having a straight table with 3 columns


      one is group i.e; BC ,

      second is Count,

      third is Status.


      EX: "It should look like this"


      BC                             Count                        Status

      0.16                            2                               Pass

      0.17                           12                              Pass

      0.17                            3                               Pass

      0.18                            5                               Fail

      0.18                           10                              Fail


      I am using this expression in third column.


      Thnks in advance..