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    accessing a sub field with MongoDB

    da da

      Hi everyone !


      I have connected QLIK to MongoDB using an ODBC driver

      I can get/view/manage the values, it works quite fine.


      My issue is that one of the field (Info) is containing sub-fields such as ID, Event, Value



          "_id" : ObjectId("58dbb7234a4ccc246c000006"),

          "message" : "{\"i\":\"40:6E:60\",\"e\":\"654654\",\"s\":\"TF\"}",

          "@timestamp" : "\"2017-03-29T13:31:15.045Z\"",

          "host" : "IPADDRESS",

          "insertTime" : "1490794275",

          "info" : {

              "id" : "MACADDRESS",

              "event" : "654654",

              "value" : "machannel"



      I want to get stats on values, for example.

      But in QLIK, only INFO is available

      is there a solution ? Hope I am clear enough to get solution