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    Analysis for different types of selections

    Sofia Vaz

      Hi everyone, I´m trying to make an analysis possible to different types of selections.


      The requirement may be to analyse the incoming orders by OrdItemInsDtWeek (probably this will be my default analyse) or by a range of manual ly selected days (wich means the user will  have to select a range of OrdItemInsDt' values)


      I've tried to it in many ways but I didn't get there. My last try was with this expression:


      =If(GetFieldSelections(OrdItemInsDt)>0, sum({<OrdItemInsDt={$(=GetFieldSelections(OrdItemInsDt))},OrdItemMillAlloc={*}-{'USA'}, OrdItemProdCd={*}-{'SHT'},OrdMasterOrdType={'CUST','STOCK-WHSE'}, OrdItemOrdStat={'CONFIRM','COMPLETE','HOLD'}>}if(OrdItemDelDate<>OrdMasterOrdDate, OrdItemOrdKgs))/1000, sum({<OrdItemInsDtWeek={$(=vLastInsDtWeek)},OrdItemMillAlloc={*}-{'USA'}, OrdItemProdCd={*}-{'SHT'},OrdMasterOrdType={'CUST','STOCK-WHSE'}, OrdItemOrdStat={'CONFIRM','COMPLETE','HOLD'}>}if(OrdItemDelDate<>OrdMasterOrdDate, OrdItemOrdKgs))/1000)


      Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong? Any help is welcome!


      Thank you,


      Sofia Vaz