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    Combination Count+Distinct+Modifier

    Benjamin Buth



      I wan to extract unique values out of the label "ID-LeadID". In the data base I loaded the actual status of all existing Leads (whatever the actual status is) and the changes. I only want the data defined selections:

      ({$<Kone_Country__c={Germany},Status={qualified},IsConverted={0},IsDeleted={0},Business_Type__c={"Doors","VA Repairs"}>}


      For this selection there are 126 unique Leads with 317 changes.


      As I want to know the unique number of Leads, I tried this Formula:

      Count({$<Kone_Country__c={Germany},Status={qualified},IsConverted={0},IsDeleted={0},Business_Type__c={"Doors","VA Repairs"}>}[Id-LeadId])


      The result is 317, as expected (changes). I tried several combinations of formula with distinct (many different positions in the formula), but I did not get once the result of 126 unique values.


      The Result was either 0 or 317 :-(


      Can someone please help, thanks!


      BR from Germany