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    how to calculate running sum in an app

    Paul Maric

      I have business analysts that need to do calculations in an app, such as calculating running sums.  I can't do this in the data load script because I don't know ahead of time what variations the business analysts will need, as they may group these calc by different dimensions.  I try testing this by creating a new app, new sheet, put in my 2 dims and 1 measure.  Let's say it's Year, Country, and sum(sales).  I now want to calculate the running total of sales by country, breaking by year.  I don't see how to do this in QS Nov 2017.  Is the only way to do it in a script?  If so then how do we give the flexibility to BA's to do any type of calculation on data on the fly that they may think of while slicing and dicing?