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    Total is not for all columns working in Pivot Table

      I'm working on a Pivot Table and trying generate some Totals and Subtotals. There are 6 columns and for 4 columns total is displayed and for other 2 it isnt working. I tried to lookup data in Excel sheet and it was recognising as TEXT in excel.

      Then I have changed it to different format in QV chart properties, but still it isnt working. Any solutions to this?

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          John Witherspoon

          In pivot tables, the total line is always calculated by applying your expression to the current data set.  In other words, it completely ignores your dimensions.  It does not do a sum of rows.  That doesn't matter for some simple expressions like sum(Sales).  But it can matter for other expressions.


          To get a sum of rows in a pivot table, replace your current expression with this:




          I don't know if this is the actual problem, but it's my only guess at this point.