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    Concat and If to return a list of possible results

    Josh Pinfold

      Wondering how I can combine a concat and an if expression. I have a concat expression which lists all the subsubcategories;


           concat(distinct SubSubCategory, ', ')


      I also have a table with 'subsubcategory' as the dimension and the following expression which returns the subsubcategory name when the conditions are met;


           if($(SentimentChange)>0, SubSubCategory)


      How can i combine the two so that I can product a list of all the subsubcategories which meet the conditions of the if statement. The following don't work;


           concat(if ($(SentimentChange)>0, distinct SubSubCategory), ',')

           concat(if distinct ($(SentimentChange)>0, SubSubCategory), ',')

           concat(distinct if ($(SentimentChange)>0, SubSubCategory), ',')