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    Bug? Unable to add Measures from a QV Combo Chart into NPrinting report

    John Blomqvist



      I am using NPrinting June 2017 and in my finance QlikView application I have a Combo Chart with 3 measures. I am unable to select the Measures when creating the same chart in NPrinting PixelPerfect.


      For the report first I added the QV object as a Table in PixelPerfect.


      Then in PixelPerfect I selected Bar Chart.

      I added 3 series.

      Then I can see the object in the Tables list from the Values field in Series Binding but I am unable to see any measures.


      Can anyone please advice on solution? Or is this a bug?


      I am able to add other objects such as Bar Charts from QV and recreate it perfectly normal in the same report so I am not sure what is happening above.