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    On-demand app error

    Yddona Lyn Aranzanso

      hi all,


      i’m trying to integrate Qlik sense into my power builder application. Power builder have a web browser object and I want to call my Qlik sense app in that object. I was able to call the app but I’m getting the on-demand app error. Any idea what’s the cause of this?




      Edit: the default browser is IE




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          Yddona Lyn Aranzanso

          luizcdepaula hi, any idea with this issue

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              Luiz DePaula

              Hi Yddona, sorry for the late reply.


              I don't have many ideas on this one as I am not familiar with power builder. The main thing I would check, which was my issue, is if all services are being able to be ran.


              I don't know your environment, but in our system, we use AD, so we had to create a service account in AD, and give permissions to all log folders. This is what worked for us.


              I hope it helps.





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              Bala Bhaskar

              Try these properties:

              On-demand apps are generated in the Qlik Sense hub from navigation links that connect selection apps to template apps. The On-demand app service must be enabled to generate on-demand apps. You can create selection and template apps from the Qlik Sense hub, if you have the appropriate access rights. Selection and template apps are published to streams from the Qlik Management Console, which is a part of Qlik Sense. Generated on-demand apps can also be published from the QMC.


              To publish an on-demand app that is generated in a Qlik Sense Desktop installation, you must first import it, by using the QMC.


              The security rules applied to the app, stream, or user, determine who can access the content and what the user is allowed to do. The app is locked when published. Content can be added to a published app through the Qlik Sense hub in a server deployment, but content that was published with the original app cannot be edited.


              Check this link:





              Qlik Sense requires the creation of a domain service account, instead a local user account. As all services were set up with the local user, after creating the domain account, I had to manually change the account, from local to domain, on each Qlik service. This is because the system does allow you to change the service account during the upgrade.


              There is a new On-demand service after the upgrade, and for some reason it did not take the new domain service account, and the log folder it creates, did not have access authorization to the domain service account. After some troubleshooting and realizing the issue, I added the domain service account with read and write permission to the log folder. After doing this, all services are running, the error is gone, and Assets panel is now being displayed.


              Check this link: