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    Help with simple Widget ToC with ng-repeat and Navigation API.

    Joel Orta

      Hello, good afternoon to all.

      Maybe someone can help me; I have a problem with the qw-sys-info component, I am trying to make a simple widget for a table of contents for Qlik Sense.

      Here is my code:


      <qw-sys-info content="sheets">


              <li class="mxTocLi" ng-repeat="sheet in sheets" ng-click="navigation.gotoSheet('{{sheet.qInfo.qId}}')">


                  <span class="mxTocSpn" ng-bind="sheet.qMeta.title"></span>





      And css style:


      .mxTocLi {

          width: 146px;

          height: 80px !important;

          display: inline-block;

          margin: 5px 5px 10px 5px;

          padding: 4px 4px 4px 4px;

          border:1px solid gray;


          vertical-align: middle;




          display: inline-block;

          vertical-align: middle;



      Problem is code in ng-click don't run o show any problem or error message. I did several tests and everything seems to point to a problem of scope; ng-click don't execute navigation.gotoSheet.

      However, if I copy and paste the generated code without it being generated with ng-repeat everything works perfectly. It is very similar to what is described here:

      Inserting Parameters into JS using Angular

      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Help with simple Widget ToC with ng-repeat and Navigation API.
          Joel Orta

          I found the answer

          For all the new ones in Angular:


          Is not the same:

          ng-click = "navigation.gotoSheet ('{{sheet.qInfo.qId}}')"


          ng-click = "navigation.gotoSheet (sheet.qInfo.qId)"

          Note: Message edited by Community Moderator to add English translation as a courtesy.

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          Encontré la respuesta.

          Para todos los nuevos en Angular:


          No es lo mismo: