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    Organize QVS Access Point

    Claudio Consoli

      Hi guys,


      A rather simple question, i was wondering if there is a way to organize the Access Point in directories and subdirectories, i want to avoid all reports to be listed togheter because i have several areas of interests to manage.



      Thank you in advance,


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          Rob Wunderlich

          You can organize by adding a Category to each document and then selecting Category in the AP View.


          Or you can distribute to folders and select directory as the view in AP.


          If this doesn't make sense to you, please let me know what version of server you have.



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              Claudio Consoli

              Hi Rob,


              Thank you for your answer, we already have the root folder organized in subdirectories but i can't find the drectory view you are talking about.

              In the "View" combo of the AP i only have two options "Thumbnails" and "Details"; if i select "Details" and then in the field "Sort by" i select "Document path" i get something similar to what i want, that is a browsable tree of all my direcotries and reports (i hope it can be filtered with DMS security, still have to give it a try).


              Is this the "directory view" you are talking about?  


              Anyway the combination of View="Details" + Sort By="Document path" could be a solution for me, the Category way instead is not enough because i am not sure you can set sub categories in that way.


              My server version is 10.00.8815.6.



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              Kaushik Solanki



                 If you are using the QlikView Server v10. You have a option called Browsable in QMC->Qlikview Server Settings


                 You can uncheck the browsable checkbox of the subdirectory which contains the QVW files which you dont want to show in AP.


                 Hope this will help you



              Kaushik Solanki