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    Statistical Chart Challenge

      I've almost given up on creating this statistical chart but I figure I ask the community to see if you have any suggestions before I hang up the towel.  See two attachments, one a excel spreadsheet that I created to mock up what I need and the other my attemt on trying to create in Qlikview.


      Basically I'm trying to create one of those percentile charts, like those ones where people say "my baby is 9.5 lbs which puts him in the 99th percentile of birth weight for all babies ever born".  But in my business case it is "these units cost $500 which is the 95th percentile of costs for all units sold this quarter".  Hope that makes sense.


      It's difficult because usually dimensions in charts are not numerical.  I've been trying to do this is a line chart just because I'm lost when I try to use the statistical chart wizard.  Functions I have played around with are FRACTILE for the percentage and CLASS for bucketing the unit costs.


      Any suggestions, help ... anything would be appreciated.  I hope the attachments make the problem clear.


      Thanks - DB

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          i modified the file a bit - all calculations are made in the script so the chart expression to be simple.

          Regarding dimension presentation in this case ther is 2 dimensions PRICE and QRT and if you navigate to "Axes" tab and select "Continuous" in "Dimension axes" part the Static Max and Static Step became enabled. So Static Max = 900 and Static Step = 200. And in "Number" tab set "Continuous X-Axis" to "Money".

          I know i can't explain good so the attached file may help you more :-)


          Hope that helps!