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    Giuseppe Ceravolo



      Can anybody help me on the error below?


      Aggregation expressions required by GROUP BY clause.




           'US' AS 'Region',

           [Delivery Number],

           [Customer Order],


           [Items Number],

           [Packages Number],

           Date([Order Transmission Date]) AS [Data arrivo ordine],

           Date([Order Shipping Date]) AS [Data evasione ordine],

           [Actual Weight],

           [Billed Weight],

           [Billed cost],

           [Ship Via Method],

           [Customer Name],

           [Customer Last Name],

           [Customer Name] & [Customer Last Name] AS [Customer Full Name],

           [Destination town],

           [Ship To State],

           [Ship To Zip]

      FROM [lib://Reportistica/@US ME - Operational Report/*.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is [Operational Report$])

      GROUP BY [Delivery Number];


      I would like to group this collection of Excel files (Operational Reports) by the Delivery Number.

      The fact is that one Delivery Number may be present in more than 1 row if that Delivery has been shipped with 2 or more Packages.

      For example:


      Delivery NumberNumber of ItemsNumber of PackagesOrder Transmission DateOrder Shipping DateActual WeightBilled WeightBilled cost


      Delivery Number 218388 is reported twice because it consisted of 2 packages.

      However, I want to gather data by Delivery Number (218388) and keep 2 as Number of Packages, 4 as Number of Items, 15.4 as Actual Weight, 8 as Billed Weight, and 25.67 as Billed cost.

      Practically speaking, I want to consider only 1 row per each Delivery Number.


      Any suggestions on the matter will be highly appreciated.


      Thank you,