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    Automatic multiple dimension in a line chart?

    Etienne Fortin



      I'm starting to use Qlik Sense Desktop. I've done some search on this but I guess I'm not using the proper keyword as I don't seems to find what I'm looking for.


      I have some data that look like this:


      Type, Timestamp, Value

      A, 19971005123000, 125

      B, 19971005123000, 143

      C, 19971005123000, 101

      A, 19971005124500, 126

      B, 19971005124500, 142

      C, 19971005124500, 101



      What I would like to do is to display a line for each type in a line chart. As I don't know the specific type in advance, I would like this to be automated as part of the script/expression. So, this could look like picture below but without having to create manually an expression  for each type.


      Can this be done? If so, how? Or if it has already been answered, can you point me in the proper direction?


      Thank you.