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    Office 365 Share Point Connector (QlikView)

    sharath R

      Hi All,


      I had upgraded to latest version November 2017 Release version (2.28.2) from Version 2.2.0 .


      As i could found Qlik Office 365 share Point connector option in latest .




      1. Qlik Office 365 Share Point Connector option is not listing down in Script Editor to choose


      Is their any way to bring this into script editor to choose and connect to share Point site to fetch data etc . ?


          2. When i check http://localhost:5555/web i could see Office 365 Share Point Connector option


      I tried with this option and used share point site which i already had access , but once i select Getdatafeed option or any other -> Authentication -> Used my Credentials -> Shows Error Qlik Web Connector (Office 365 Share Point) needs admin approval .


      Could some one help me if you tried successful connection with share point and fetched data from share point ?


      or any other solution to connect Share Point to get data ?


      Thanks !



      Sharath R