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    Column width in Qlik Sense straight table. Unhappy responsive sizing behaviour. How to adjust?

    Thomas Spitzer



      initially we have been very happy about the much more user friendly new horizontal scrollbar feature for Qlik Sense straight table since November Release 2017.

      Unfortunately straight table has now a different (worse) responsive column sizing behavior.

      If you have a longer text, the column width gets huge (sometimes even more than the whole screen). Otherwise in some cases the column width is set too small, so even short numbers are not fully visible (despite a lot of available space for the table).


      The only "solution" we currently see, is manually adjust the column width and save the layout of the whole table. This is tedious (we have a lot of costumers and tables) and results in a fixed column layout (which does not match to the responsive layout concept of Qlik Sense).


      Is there any other way to adjust the column width (for example by setting a "max column width parameter" or force all columns to be displayed "in good sizing" on the available space)?