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    Apply Aggr function on 1 dimension in multiple listboxes

    Twan Peters

      In my Qlik Sense application i'm trying to create multiple filterings on 1 dimension in several listboxes:


      Listbox 1: Filter on a rate between 0-100% --> apply on Dimension: Email_Name

      =Aggr(if (($(vUnique_Open_Rate) >= 0 and $(vUnique_Open_Rate) <= 1) or isnull($(vUnique_Open_Rate)), 'Between 0% - 100% ') , Email_Name)


      Listbox 2: Filter on XX number --. Apply on Dimension: Email_Name

      =Aggr(if (($(vSent) >= $(vEmail_Sent_Input)), 'Greater than: '& $(vEmail_Sent_Input)), Email_Name)


      Both the listboxes work, however, when i make a selection in Listbox 1 it also automatically makes a selection in Listbox 2.

      I assume that is because i use the same dimension in both the expressions.


      How can i overcome this problem?


      Ps. when I make 1 selection, it doesn't mean that it automatically includes the selections from the other listbox, see below for this: